Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey ladies!
I went to ross this morning and omg i can't believe i found this at ross!
I'll show pictures don't worry. Anyways i had so much fun today!
Went shopping with my auntie and my cusin, bought some stuffs i wanted.
And guess what else???....i'm not going to buy make-up for awhile...saving up for a
new phone. But its okiee...i think i still have at least enough makeups, anways make-up does expire so might as well make use of what i got now than buying new makeups and leaving my other makeup just sitting around, right? I'm still happy of what i got! Thanx to my hubby! Believe it or not my hubby Bought me all of my make-up's! :) I love him!!! Anyways here's the pictures...

Isn't this top cute!
It's so colorful! :)

Cute sandals!
I Love It!


And now for the final thing i bought at ross...drum



  1. WOW! This is just fabulous!!! You got the Elf thing at Ross! Man I hope they still have some... I want to snag one! LOL.... Geezz everytime i go Ross they run out of the good stuff... but love this darling!

  2. Oh wow! I want to find elf too! Lucky :]

    I think I am going to stop buying make up too. I'm just going to get more brushes, but I want to spend my money on other stuff like bags and shoes! I spent too much on makeup. Eeeeeeek.

  3. that gladiator sandals look so cute!
    i hope you make a review on that elf product

  4. OOhhh I like what you found at Ross.
    We don't have one here, I always go out of town to go to it. Those scandals are super cute.

    I wished I could find ALL of e.l.f. products someone here, but I don't.

  5. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG i love EVERYTHINGGGGG!! the top, the sandals are hellaaa cute!

  6. wow your lucky! You got one of those elf kits. There are some at my local ross but they are torn and beat up :/


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