Saturday, June 13, 2009

Me singing lions, tigers, and bears

Hey beautifuls! :)
Just wanted to share a video of my singing lions, tigers, and bears
as shown on my title...hehe
Sorry it's dark but its still good..

lions, tigers, and bears

So what do you ladies think?
Did my singing class help me sing better?


  1. eeee nice...
    is that really the title of the song?! its so weird.. lol who is it by!?

  2. Eyyyy Mama! Great job! And I think it really boast your confidence!

  3. jaw drops.. wow.. shantee,, that is awesome.. i love it.. i just love your voice.. WOW!!!!!!!! i want to try voice lessons too.. my voice is big.. LOL.. yours is smooth..swabe!! hihi

  4. ohh ok. haha yeah i heard you say it on the video but couldnt really hear it well. good job againnnn ;]

  5. wow girl. u have a great talent in singing. Im serious!! I like it...

  6. You have talent girl! :)

    Anyway, for your question, I did not buy my MAC shadows all at once. hehe! :) Some are $14.50 each, some are $10.50

  7. you are awesome, 10 times better than what I can sing!! wow!

  8. very nice miss thang! :) the camera was moving to the song lol it was cute


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