Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ohh...Pretty's First Giveaway!

This is her first giveaway, just as the title!
She reached 200+ almost 300 WOW! Congrats Girl! :)

Here's the Fabulous prizes!

- LANCOME L'Extreme Waterproof Mascara
- DIOR Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect ~ 337 Coral Lamé
- SHISEIDO White Lucency skincare sample
- PAUL & JOE skincare samples
- LA PRAIRIE Silver Rain fragrance sample

How to Enter:

You must be a Follower of - not a follower yet? Just click on the 'Follow' button on the right sidebar panel! You don't need to have a blog to follow, a Google account is all you need
Leave a comment on this post using your blogger/google account user ID, answering the following questions:
1.) Suggest me one lipstick or lipgloss that you think, I MUST get, because it will look great on me!
2.) What do you like about my blog? (Please your honest opinions!)
3.) What would you like to read more in future?
4.) How did you come across my blog? (If you still remember)

Include your e-mail adress so that I can contact you, if you win! Be sure to write it like this format, to avoid spam: ohhpretty (at) gmx (dot) net


Open to everyone (Yes, I will ship worldwide)
All comment entries that are not a qualified contest entry will be deleted (so please no comments or questions in the comments of this post!)
ONE entry per contestant please! (Hey, play fair! Multiple entries will be deleted as well, sorry!)

The winner will be randomly picked by using a random generator
END of contest: August 03, 2009 at 24:00h (GMT+ 01:00)

Thanx girl for this awesome giveaway, And Congrats again! :)


  1. Hi Shantee!
    Thank you for entering my contest and doing a post on my giveaway! <3
    Good luck! ;)

  2. good luck!

    in response 2 ur comment: the cs gel liner lasts me the whole day pretty much. i've never tried it alone, but on top of UDPP & the normal e/s it's long lasting ^_^

  3. good luck for the contest!! And have a great weekend :D

  4. HEY......



Thanx for commenting! :)